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Lakeside Union SD (Lakeside) |  AR  6145.6  Instruction

International Exchange   

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The district is free from all legal and moral obligation/expectations of the host family, placing agency and parents/guardians.

The district reserves the right to limit the number of students coming in from other countries based on available capacity at each school site.

Students and their parents will be required to sign a behavior contract when traveling to foreign countries. As a student participant, they are expected to make the trip a positive and enjoyable experience for themselves, fellow students and chaperones. All participants are expected to demonstrate high standards of conduct and to accept personal responsibility and consequences for their actions. They are expected to exhibit honesty, courteousness and consideration toward others. The student shall not be involved in any way with smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, vandalism, theft, or any other type of behavior that is judged by the chaperone to be detrimental to the health, wellbeing, safety or reputation of him/herself or anyone else in the group.


approved: September 8, 2016 Lakeside, California