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Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action - SR   

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Dismissal of Probationary Employment

At any time prior to the expiration of the probationary period, the Superintendent or designee may, at his/her discretion, dismiss a probationary classified employee from Office employment. A probationary employee shall not be entitled to a Skelly hearing.

Dismissal of Permanent Employee

Involuntary Suspension without Pay, Demotion, or Dismissal of Permanent Classified Employees

Permanent classified employees shall be subject to personnel action (suspension without pay, demotion, dismissal) only for cause. The Personnel Commission's determination of the sufficiency of the cause for disciplinary action shall be conclusive.

The County Superintendent or designee may initiate a personnel action as defined herein against a permanent classified employee in accordance with Personnel Commission Rules 4250.

In all cases involving a personnel action, the person initiating the action shall file a written recommendation of personnel action with the Personnel Commission. A copy of the recommendation shall be served upon the employee either personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, at the employee's last known address.

If the employee fails to file a notice of appeal within the time specified in these rules, he/she shall be deemed to have waived his/her right to appeal, and the Personnel Commission may order the recommended personnel action into effect immediately.

Employees charged with a mandatory leave of absence offense as defined in Education Code 44940 shall be placed immediately on compulsory leave of absence for not more than ten days after entry of judgment in the criminal proceedings, unless the leave is extended as provided below. (Education Code 45304)

Employees charged with an optional leave of absence offense as defined in Education Code 44940 may be placed immediately on compulsory leave of absence under the terms and conditions stated below. (Education Code 45304)

Despite the disposition of criminal charges, the County Superintendent or designee reserves the right to dismiss an employee for the facts upon which the criminal charges were based. An employee whose proposed decision is adopted by the Personnel Commission to have committed the acts upon which the original charges were based may be dismissed. If so dismissed, the employee is not entitled to compensation unless otherwise required by law.

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approved: January 28, 2014 Downey, California