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Acceptable Use Of Technology Agreement - SE   

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Receipt of Selected Superintendent Policies and Regulations

I have received a copy of Superintendent Policy 4040 and the associated regulations.

I understand that I am expected to comply with and abide by them. I am aware that a complete copy of all policies and regulations is available online and/or through my supervisor. I will review them.

The following statements are provided in accordance with Superintendent Policy 4040:

Employees are required to use office accounts when conducting agency business and not personal accounts. Staff provided stipends to use their personal phone/device must still use office accounts when conducting business on their personal phone/device. Such staff should also recognize that the Public Records Act applies to agency communications regardless of whether the device used is an agency device or a personal device. In addition, text messages are not archived by the office, however, staff may be asked to search for and provide text messages on their devices and sign a sworn statement to that effect, as part of a Public Records Act Request.

I understand that as a user of Office technology I grant specific consent, as defined by CalECPA, to the Office to review and monitor electronic communication information and electronic device information created, stored, or transmitted on the Office's computing devices and network communication systems. The Office reserves the right to monitor the use of Office technology and all files, programs, applications, internet traffic, and communications that reside on Office computing devices, servers, and cloud systems or travel over its network at any time without additional notice or consent to ensure that:

1. Public resources are appropriately used for Office-related business;

2. Applicable Office policies and regulations including those regarding harassment and nondiscrimination are followed;

3. Any personal use of Office technology does not interfere with Office business or job duties and is minimal in terms of use and cost;

4. Staff is in compliance with federal and state law.

I recognize that the Office will periodically access my Office-owned cellular telephone, computer (laptop and/or desktop), and/or other office computing, cloud systems/servers and communication devices to perform the following functions:

1. Repair or maintenance of the device

2. Upgrade of the device

3. Retrieve information in response to the Public Records Act

4. Retrieve records in compliance with the Pupil Record Act, Education Code section 49062, et seq., FERPA, and AB 1584

5. Fulfill the Office's statutory duties and Board Policies to maintain public records

6. Conduct administrative searches of the device if appropriately authorized.

7. Monitor employee compliance with state and federal law and Office policy

I further understand that Office-owned portable devices may be given to staff members to carry out the Office's educational mission. The employee must use the Office-owned portable device to conduct Office business and may not use his or her personal device for that purpose. If the employee uses a personal phone for which a stipend is received, the employee agrees that any work related material belongs to LACOE. Further, the Office reserves the right to remove Office-related content from any personal device or associated cloud service, electronically or manually. The authorized possessor of Office-owned portable devices shall:

1. Keep the device free from illegal content or material inappropriate for the school setting; and

2. Ensure that Office-owned portable devices are not used by family members or friends for personal use.

Users of Office technology should not use personal accounts to load applications, programs, and other resources onto Office computing devices unless authorized by Technology Services. In all cases users must exercise prudent judgment to ensure that only authorized and appropriately licensed applications, programs, and other resources appropriate for the school setting are loaded onto Office computing devices. Users of Office technology should not expect personal applications, files, and accounts (including but not limited to personal email accounts or social media accounts) residing on Office computing devices or the Office's network communication systems to remain private. The Office reserves the right to inspect, delete, and report any applications, programs, files, or other information that find their way onto Office devices or Office network communication systems.

I understand that it is my responsibility to:

1. Report lost or stolen devices, including devices that contain private Office information, to the Division of Technology Services within 24 hours of discovery of the loss

2. Report faulty or malicious abnormalities that occur on Office technology to the Division of Technology Services

3. Protect my user identification, password, information, and system from unauthorized use

4. Respect the intellectual property rights of authors, contributors, and publishers in all media

5. Adhere to the terms of software licenses and other contracts. Persons loading software on any Office-owned device must adhere to all licensing requirements for the software. Except where allowed by the licenses, copying software licensed for Office use for personal use is a violation of the Acceptable Use of Technology policy and regulation. Only authorized staff should load software onto office-owned devices.

6. Adhere to all other applicable Office policies and/or collective bargaining agreements

7. To use Office technology in a manner that complies with State and Federal law

I understand that the following are prohibited uses of Office technology:

1. Using Office technology for commercial advertising, gain, fraud

2. Political and/or religious activities

3. Intentionally disabling or bypassing security systems or procedures

4. Unauthorized use of another's passwords or computer to access files, resources, or systems, or unauthorized use of an account belonging to another user

5. Unauthorized access to protected systems containing student, personnel, financial, or other data

6. Using Office technology to access, obtain, or distribute confidential, personal, or private information without authorization; or unauthorized possession of any data that might be considered a violation of these rules in paper, magnetic, or other form

7. Using Office technology to copy software, or using software in violation of copyright or license agreements

8. Copying Office software, files, or documents for personal use, or downloading or installing personal or unauthorized software on Office devices

9. Unauthorized use or possession of services, real property, or intellectual property

10. Sending, creating, intentionally receiving, or storing any material in violation of any United States or California Law or Office policy. Such material includes, but is not limited to:

a. Copyrighted, trademarked, or patented material

b. Threatening, racist or discriminatory, sexist, or obscene material. "Obscene material" is defined as (a) the subject as a whole appeals to the prurient interest (shameful or morbid interest in nudity, sex, or excretion) of the average person, using contemporary community standards; (b) the works depict or describe in a patently offensive way sexual conduct proscribed by the state statute; and (c) the work as a whole lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value

c. Materials protected by privilege, trade secret, privacy, or confidentiality laws

11. Forging documents or electronic mail messages or using Office technology to create, send, or receive messages using someone else's user name or address, or portraying someone else as the originator of the message or document without authorization

12. Sending or forwarding chain letters, defined as correspondence directing the recipient to send out multiple copies

13. Using Office technology to either create a computer virus or other malicious software, or to knowingly initiate a computer virus or other malicious software on the network or other Office technology

14. Using the network or electronic mail in a manner inconsistent with other Office policies, regulations, or procedures

15. Intentionally disrupting network traffic, or degrading or disrupting equipment and system performance.

16. Plugging in any unauthorized equipment in Office devices or on the Office network (wireless access points, etc.) unless approved and authorized by Technology Services.

I understand that the consequences for violation of the Acceptable Use of Technology policy or regulation include the following:

1. Suspension or revocation of access to Office technology

2. Suspension or revocation of network privileges, including electronic mail

3. Disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal

4. Civil or criminal action against the offender where appropriate

I understand that I shall have no expectation of privacy when using Office computing equipment or technological resources, including but not limited to Office provided email, file storage systems, and other communication and collaborative services.

I understand that any Office or school records maintained on any of my personal devices, or messages sent or received on a personal device that is being used to conduct Office business may be subject to disclosure pursuant to subpoena or other lawful request.

I also understand that in order to comply with state and federal student privacy laws, I will not allow people who are not Office employees (such as parents, volunteers, or students) to use or access my Office issued computing device since confidential or protected student information or sensitive Office email communications may be stored or accessed from there.

Receipt of Selected Superintendent Policies and Regulations

I have received a copy of Superintendent Policy 4040, the associated regulation, and this Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement.

I have read and understand these documents. I agree to comply with and abide by them.




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