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Chronic Absence And Truancy   

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The County Board believes that excessive absenteeism, whatever the cause, may be an early warning sign of poor academic achievement and may put students at risk of dropping out of school. The County Board desires to ensure that all students attend school in accordance with the state's compulsory education law and take full advantage of educational opportunities provided by LACOE.

The County Superintendent or designee shall establish a system to accurately track student attendance in order to identify individual students who are chronic absentees and/or truants, as defined in law and administrative regulation, and to identify patterns of absence of students enrolled in County-operated schools. He/she shall provide the County Board with data on school attendance, chronic absence, and truancy rates for all LACOE students, for each school, and for each numerically significant student subgroup as defined in Education Code 52052. Such data shall be disaggregated and used in the development of annual goals and specific actions for student attendance and engagement and for inclusion in LACOE's local control and accountability plan and other applicable school and LACOE plans.

LACOE encourages positive attendance in its programs and activities. All students participating in LACOE programs, including state and federal early education programs, and activities are expected to meet attendance requirements. In the event of absence or truancy, LACOE will follow legal requirements and work with parents/legal guardians of involved students to resolve attendance issues and promote better attendance by using alternatives to suspensions or expulsion with truants.

The County Superintendent or designee will work with students, parents/guardians, school staff, and community agencies, as appropriate, to identify factors contributing to chronic absence and truancy. He/she also may collaborate with child welfare services, law enforcement, courts, public health care agencies, other government agencies, and/or medical, mental health, and oral health care providers to ensure that alternative educational programs and nutrition, health care, and other support services are available for students and families and to intervene as necessary when students have serious attendance problems.

A student's truancy, tardiness, or other absence from school shall not be the sole basis for his/her out-of-school suspension or expulsion. Alternative disciplinary strategies and positive reinforcement for attendance shall be used whenever possible.

Refer to the Head Start and Early Learning Division, Enrollment, Recruitment, Selection, Eligibility and Attendance (ERSEA) grantee instructional memo for chronic absence and truancy policies for students enrolled in state and federal early learning programs.


adopted: June 19, 2018 Downey, California