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Subchapter 1. Parent Empowerment.Article 1. General Provisions. Description of Intervention - Turnaround Model.   

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(a) A turnaround model is one in which an LEA must:

(1) Replace the principal and grant the principal sufficient operational flexibility (including in staffing, calendars/time, and budgeting) to implement fully a comprehensive approach in order to substantially improve student achievement outcomes and increase high school graduation rates;

(2) Using locally adopted competencies to measure the effectiveness of staff who can work within the turnaround environment to meet the needs of students:

(A) Screen all existing staff and rehire no more than 50 percent; and

(B) Select new staff;

(3) Implement such strategies as financial incentives, increased opportunities for promotion and career growth, and more flexible work conditions that are designed to recruit, place, and retain staff with the skills necessary to meet the needs of the students in the turnaround school;

(4) Provide staff with ongoing, high-quality, job-embedded professional development that is aligned with the school's comprehensive instructional program and designed with school staff to ensure that they are equipped to facilitate effective teaching and learning and have the capacity to successfully implement school reform strategies;

(5) Adopt a new governance structure, which may include, but is not limited to, requiring the school to report to a new ?turnaround office? in the LEA, hire a ?turnaround leader? who reports directly to the Superintendent or Chief Academic Officer, or enter into a multi-year contract with the LEA or State Educational Agency (SEA) to obtain added flexibility in exchange for greater accountability;

(6) Use data to identify and implement an instructional program that is research-based and ?vertically aligned? from one grade to the next as well as aligned with State academic standards;

(7) Promote the continuous use of student data (such as from formative, interim, and summative assessments) to inform and differentiate instruction in order to meet the academic needs of individual students;

(8) Establish schedules and implement strategies that provide increased learning time (as defined in the United States Department of Education notice published in the Federal Register at 74 Federal Register 59805 (Nov.18, 2009); and

(9) Provide appropriate social-emotional and community-oriented services and supports for students.

(b) A turnaround model may also implement other strategies such as:

(1) Any of the required and permissible activities under the transformation model; or

(2) A new school model (e.g., themed, dual language academy).

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