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Kings Canyon SD |  AR  4313.2  Personnel


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Certificated Administrative Employees

Permanent certificated management staff are not entitled to seniority rights in their administrative positions. However, such staff shall earn and/or retain any seniority earned in service as a classroom teacher or site administrator pursuant to Education Code 44893, 44894, or 44956.5.

(cf. 4117.3 - Personnel Reduction)

(cf. 4117.6 - Decision Not to Rehire)

End of Year Release/Reassignment of Certificated Administrators

By March 15, an employee shall be notified by either registered mail or in person that he/she may be released or reassigned from his/her position for the following school year. If the notice is presented to the employee in person, the district shall obtain his/her signature acknowledging receipt of the notice on the district's copy of the written notice. (Education Code 44951)

If the March 15 notice indicates that release or reassignment is only a possibility, the Governing Board shall take additional action to release/reassign the employee before the new school year and shall send the employee a second notice by June 30 indicating that he/she has been released or reassigned.

If the employee is to be released or reassigned to a teaching position, the Board shall give the employee, upon his/her request, a written statement of the reasons for the release/reassignment. If the reasons include incompetence as an administrator or supervisor, the district shall have completed an evaluation of the employee within the 60-day period immediately preceding the notice date. (Education Code 44896)


approved: August 14, 2007 Reedley, California