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District Criteria For Annual Evaluation Of Consolidated Programs   

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It is the purpose of Consolidated Programs to increase the effectiveness of instructional programs, and to improve the academic performance of students who are educationally disadvantaged, of limited English proficiency, gifted or talented, or students with exceptional needs. It is the policy of this school district that consolidated application programs shall be annually evaluated to determine their effectiveness in realizing this purpose.

The district shall annually review the academic performance of each numerically significant student group at each school receiving Consolidated Application funds. The district shall use the statewide Academic Performance Index, including disaggregated data for each numerical significant student group, along with other measure of student progress contained in school plan or adopted by the district.

The effectiveness of Consolidated Programs shall be determined by the progress made toward meeting the growth targets established for identified student groups according to the Academic Performance Index. The district Superintendent shall annually report these results to the Board and make them available to each school site council.

Annually, each school site council shall review the evaluation results for each numerically significant student group, and propose changes in curriculum, materials, instructional practice, staff development and realted categorical programs expenditures needed to meet the API growth targets for such student groups.

Criteria to Determine Program Effectiveness:

1. Each school receiving Consolidated Programs funds will annually meet its schoolwide API growth target.

2. Each school receiving consolidated Programs funds will annually meeet its API growth target for each numberically significatn subgroup.

3. Each school will meet 90% or more of its goals contained in its school plan and/or goals adopted by the district for each school, if applicable.

(cf. 0500 - Review and Evaluation)

(cf. 6000 - Concepts and Roles in Instruction)

Legal Reference:


62005.5 Failure to comply with purposes of funds

64000-64001 Consolidated Application Process


3930-3937 Program requirements

3942 Continuity of funding


adopted: May 1, 2001 Reedley, California

revised: October 15, 2001