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Commission Proceedings for a Change of Organization or Reorganization   

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(a) A proposal for a change of organization or a reorganization may be made by the adoption of a resolution of application by the legislative body of an affected local agency.

(b) At least 20 days before the adoption of the resolution, the legislative body may give mailed notice of its intention to adopt a resolution of application to the commission and to each interested agency and each subject agency. The notice shall generally describe the proposal and the affected territory.

(c) Except for the provisions regarding signers and signatures, a resolution of application shall contain all of the matters specified for a petition in Section 56700 and shall be submitted with a plan for services prepared pursuant to Section 56653.

(Amended by Stats 2000, Ch. 761, Sec. 114 and Renumbered from Education Code 56800)


Education Code 56653

Education Code 56700 (Repealed)