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Article 2. Types of Programs. Special Day Classes and Special Services or Activities.   

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All program options shall be in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. Programs may consist of:

(a) A "Special Day Class" for gifted and talented pupils consists of one or more classes (as defined in Education Code Section 51016) totaling a minimum school day where each of the one or more classes meets the following requirements:

(1) It is composed of pupils identified as gifted and talented.

(2) It is especially designed to meet the specific academic needs of gifted and talented pupils for enriched or advanced instruction and is appropriately differentiated from other classes in the same subjects in the school.

(3) It is taught by a teacher who has specific preparation, experience, personal attributes, and competencies in the teaching of gifted children.

(b) Part-time Grouping: Pupils attend classes as defined in Education Code Section 51016 or seminars which are organized to provide advanced or enriched subject matter for a part of the school day. These classes are composed of identified gifted and talented pupils.

(c) Enrichment Activities: Pupils remain in their regular classrooms but participate in supplemental educational activities planned to augment their regular educational programs. In these supplemental educational activities, the pupils use advanced materials and/or receive special opportunities from persons other than the regular classroom teacher.

(d) Cluster Grouping: Pupils are grouped within a regular classroom setting and receive appropriately differentiated activities from the regular classroom teacher.

(e) Independent Study: Pupils are provided with additional instructional opportunities through either special tutors or mentors, or through enrollment in correspondence courses specified in Education Code Section 51740 and Section 1633 of this title. These opportunities shall be supervised by a certificated person employed by the pupil s school district.

(f) Acceleration: Pupils are placed in grades or classes more advanced than those of their chronological age group and receive special counseling and/or instruction outside of the regular classroom in order to facilitate their advanced work.

(g) Postsecondary Education Opportunities: High school pupils for a put of the day attend classes conducted by college or community college or participate in College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement programs. When needed, the high school shall provide books and supplies.

(h) Services for Underachieving Gifted and Talented Pupils: Pupils receive services designed to assist them in developing basic skills needed to overcome, as soon as possible, their underachievement and to enable them to achieve in their academic classes at levels commensurate with their individual abilities. This shall not preclude their participation in other program options.

(i) Services for Linguistically Diverse, Culturally Divergent and/or Economically Disadvantaged Gifted and Talented Pupils: pupils receive services designed to assist them to develop their Potential to achieve at the high levels commensurate with their abilities. This shall not preclude their participation in other program options.

(j) Other: Pupils participate regularly, on a planned basis, in a special counseling or instructional activity or seminars carried on during or outside of the regular school day for the purpose of benefiting from additional educational opportunities not provided-in the regular classroom in which the pupils are enrolled.

(k) Other services or activities approved 90 days in advance by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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