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School-Connected Organizations   

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The Governing Board recognizes that parents/guardians may wish to organize clubs for the purpose of supporting the educational program and/or cocurricular programs such as athletic teams, debate teams, and musical groups. The Board supports such activities and welcomes parental interest and participation. Parent/guardian clubs shall be especially careful not to seek advantages for the activities they support if those advantages might be detrimental to the entire school program.


The Board requires parent/guardian clubs or organizations to have a written statement of purpose and bylaws. The Board recognizes that these clubs are independent of the school and/or district. In order to protect the district and students, the Superintendent or designee shall establish appropriate guidelines for the relationship between such clubs and the district.


Each organization affiliated with the schools shall fill out the B00037 form at the beginning of each school year. The report shall contain the major objectives of the organization for the year, the officers, the bank account(s) and the approval of the school principal. These shall be filed with the Superintendent or designee for Board review no later than the end of October of each school year. Authorizations for the organization shall automatically be renewed each year. The Board may take action to revoke authorization if considered necessary.


Each organization is covered by liability insurance through the O.S.S. J.PA. as required by Education Code 38134. Insurance is effective as long as events are held on school properties or in district-leased facilities.


Each organization shall be prohibited from offering any salary enhancement, bonus or additional employment to an existing district employee without prior Board approval. Any persons being considered for employment by the club, must have prior written approval of the Board. Such a request shall include a written employment agreement showing, job responsibilities, hours, duration and any remuneration offered to the employee. Liability for any such nonapproved hiring, workers, compensation, Office of Civil Rights, OSHA, etc., shall become the personal responsibility of club officers and not the school district.


Any program, fund-raiser or other activity sponsored by parent/guardian clubs shall be authorized and conducted according to Board policy, administrative regulations and school rules. Announcements for any such activity shall clearly indicate that the event is sponsored by the parent/guardian organization and not the school or district.

Financial Transactions

A listing of all expenditures (checks written) and revenues received shall be reported at the regularly scheduled meetings of the organization or at least three times a year. These financials shall be approved by the majority of members in attendance.

Annual Report

School-connected organizations shall present the Superintendent or designee in July, an annual audit of financial statements showing the beginning balance, all revenues, all expenditures and a copy of the financial approvals from the meetings for the prior school year. The fiscal school year will end June 30th. School-connected organizations automatically grant the district the right to audit their financial records at any time, either by district personnel or by a CPA or by an accounting firm.

This policy shall go into effect, January 1, 1999.

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of governing boards

38131 Use of civic center by public

38134 Groups which may use school facilities without charge

Management Resources:


1101.89 School District Liability and "Hold Harmless" Agreements, LO: 4-89


adopted: December 7, 1998 Reedley, California