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Challenging Courses By Examination   

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Petition to Challenge Course

One month prior to the end of the current semester, currently enrolled students interested in challenging a course shall file a petition form with their counselor. Entering ninth-grade students and new enrollees shall file a petition and take the examination within two weeks of the time of initial entry to high school classes.

The counselor shall inform the course instructor of the student's intent to challenge the course. The student shall be allowed to challenge the course by examination if his/her petition is signed by the counselor, department chair and parent/guardian. The student's petition shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Grades in courses of the subject area of the challenge

2. Recommendations from the teacher

3. Substitute courses to be taken by the student

4. Student's rationale or reasons for challenging a specific course

The challenge examination may be offered when the course is part of a sequence of courses normally taken in specific order or when the course is normally required for entry into another course.

1. During their enrollment in high school, students may challenge no more than four courses which meet graduation requirements. While successful challenge will exempt a student from those specific courses required for graduation, the student is still responsible for the total units required for graduation.

(cf. 6143 - Courses of Study)

(cf. 6146.1 - High School Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency)

2. A student may challenge a particular course only once.

3. A student may challenge only one course per semester. This may be a course in which the student is enrolled or any other approved course offering.

4. A student may not attempt credit for a course below his/her ability or grade placement.

Test Content and Administration

The principal and department chairpersons shall collaborate with teachers in the development of appropriate districtwide testing procedures and materials for the classes that may be challenged within each department. Departmentally-developed performance objectives shall determine the content and the type of evaluation to be used. The examination may be written, oral, by demonstration or any combination thereof.

The type of test administered shall depend on the course outline. The department chairperson or designee shall supervise the administration and evaluation of tests pertaining to the department.

The student must earn an A or B to receive credit for challenging a course by examination. The transcript shall reflect that the grade was earned by challenge.


approved: August 3, 1998 Reedley, California