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Mentor Teachers   

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Exemplary teachers of demonstrated ability provide students with the vital education necessary to succeed in our complex society. It is the district's policy to seek and retain qualified teachers who demonstrate effective communication skills, subject matter knowledge, expertise in methodological areas such as motivation, teaching techniques and classroom management, skills in interpersonal relations between students and faculty, and a mastery of teaching strategies necessary to meet students' needs. The district shall endeavor to provide support, assistance, recognition and career opportunities to encourage teachers to pursue excellence in the classroom. The district thus elects to participate in the California Mentor Teacher Program in order to provide an incentive for such teachers to remain in our public school system.

The Governing Board shall designate mentor teachers in accordance

with procedures established in the employee agreement.

Legal Reference:


44277 Professional growth/staff development

44326 Assistance and guidance of teacher trainees by mentor teachers

44490-44496 California Mentor Teacher Program

44830.3 Requirement that teacher trainees be assisted by mentor teachers


adopted: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California