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Kings Canyon SD |  BB  9312  Board Bylaws

Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Bylaws   

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Bylaws are the rules governing the internal operations of the Governing Board. When need for a new bylaw or modification of an existing bylaw is recognized, the Superintendent will be directed to develop and present the Board with a new or modified bylaw for consideration.

Proposed new bylaws and suggested amendments to or revisions of existing bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote of all members of the Board. The adoption will usually occur during the second of two (2) regularly scheduled meetings of the Board. The proposed additions, amendments or revisions shall be described in writing in the agendas for those meetings. The same procedure followed for the development of policy shall be used for Board bylaws.

(cf. 9311 - Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies)

Legal Reference:


35010 Control of district; prescription and enforcement of rules

35163 Official actions, minutes and journals

35164 Vote requirements


adopted: January 2, 1990 -Reedley, California