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Concurrent Enrollment in Adult School   

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Classes established for adults shall be open to all adults and qualified minors of an age commensurate with students in grades 9 - 12. Students regularly enrolled in grades 9 - 12 may be enrolled concurrently in one or more adult school classes when circumstances warrant. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, a need to make up credit deficiencies or satisfy other educational objectives that cannot be met through the regular day high school program.

In effecting such concurrent enrollment, the following guidelines will apply:

1. A student must be at sixteen (16) years of age for concurrent enrollment during the regular school year.

2. A student must be enrolled for a minimum day in a R.H.S., K.C.H.S. or K.C.A.S.

3. The student shall meet with his/her counselor to establish the need for concurrent enrollment. If deemed appropriate, the day school staff will complete the following steps:

a. The counselor will clearly identify the course(s) and credit(s) and then initial the concurrent enrollment form.

b. The counselor directs student to obtain his/her parent's guardian's signature on the form (student may sign the form if he/she is eighteen (18) years of age) agreeing to participate according to prescribed standards.

c. The counselor or an administrator will review the application after the parent's/guardian's signature is obtained, sign it and forward it to the appropriate adult school.

4. Upon receipt of the completed form the adult school staff will complete the following steps:

a. The adult school administrator will review the concurrent enrollment form and is he/she approves, will authorize concurrent enrollment by signing the Adult School Approval section of the application.

b. When concurrent enrollment is approved, the student shall be enrolled by the counselor immediately in the course(s) indicated on the application.

c. Enrollment shall be certified by the signature of the adult school teacher(s) of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled.

d. Immediately upon enrollment, copies of the completed application shall be distributed to the day school counselor, and the teacher(s) of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled.

5. If the adult school administrator withholds consent and the case cannot be resolved by the administrators of the two schools involved, the case may be referred to Secondary Student Placement Committee for final decision.

6. Adult school progress reports and students withdrawals shall be promptly sent from the adult school to the student's day school counselor. The day school rules/regulations regarding the notification of parents/guardians on progress of the student or his/her withdrawal from adult school.

7. The approved concurrent enrollment form is for semester credit(s) and remains valid until the credit is earned or the student is dropped. If additional credit is desired or a student wishes to enroll after being dropped by the adult school, a new application must be approved.

8. Enrollment is an adult education class may be denied if that student's enrollment will result in more than forty-nine (49) percent ratio of concurrently enrolled students in any program.

Legal Reference:

Education Code

41976 Maintenance of Proportional Level of Service

52000 Adult Evening Classes: Admission of Minors

52517 NO Adult Classes in Funds from Improper Sources or if Classes Not Open to General Public


adopted: July 6, 1993 Reedley, California