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Lesson Plans   

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To be effective, teachers at all times must know and constantly keep in mind why they are teaching and what goals they hope to attain. Unless some consciously directed progress is made towards a desired goal each day, there is likely to be little progress by the end of the week.

Daily lesson plans complete with goals and procedures are an absolute necessity for purposeful education. Students are very quick to intuitively determine if a lesson has been properly prepared with valid objectives or if the lesson is merely a "time-consuming" activity with no specific purpose in mind.

Lesson plans should be maintained in a lesson plan book or binder. This would accomplish at least two purposes:

1. The teacher and principal have a readily available document to review whenever such review seems to be appropriate, and

2. A substitute teacher not only has the current plan, but also has the prior plans for necessary review.

Each teacher should be allowed the flexibility to choose his/her own lesson plan format, provided that the format is clear and readily understandable to a substitute teacher and a supervising principal.

Principals should not require that all teachers submit complete sets of daily or weekly plans; however, it may at times be a desirable request of a teacher who is experiencing difficulties which may be due to inadequate planning. These plans should then be used in conference to build strengths and expose weaknesses.


approved: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California