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Field Trips   

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Field trips are considered to be instruction and should be planned as such with definite instructional objectives determined by the teacher in advance. Appropriate instruction shall precede and follow each field trip.

The following regulations will apply to field trips:

1. Teachers or other certificated personnel shall accompany students on all field trips and shall assume responsibility for their proper conduct. Students on approved field trips are under the jurisdiction of the Governing Board and are subject to school rules and regulations.

2. A teacher planning to take a field trip shall make a request in writing to the principal at least 10 days prior to the date desired. Whenever practical, an alternate date should also be listed. The purpose of the trip and its relation to the course of study must be stated.

3. Principals may, as circumstances permit, schedule study trips and/or athletic trips during regular school day utilizing buses assigned to their respective schools.

4. The principal shall approve or disapprove the request and notify the teacher. If disapproved, the principal should state the reasons.

5. All extended study trips shall be approved by the Board. The itinerary for the extended trip will be submitted with the request for Board approval.

6. No student shall be denied the opportunity to take part in a field trip which is related to classroom instruction because of an inability to pay for admission fees, lunches, or any other costs. No student shall be required to pay the costs of transportation, admission fees, or any other costs related to field trips which are deemed a part of the instructional program.

7. Written approval of parent or guardian is required for participation of students in field trips.

8. All field trips shall begin and end at the school.

9. The use of school vehicles for local or extended recreational trips is permitted on a restricted basis.

Field trips requiring school bus transportation shall not interfere with the regularly scheduled transportation of students to and from school.

10. The bus driver shall see that all rules and regulations are enforced in the use of school buses for field trips. Certificated personnel shall assist the bus driver in so doing.

11. Guidelines for determining transportation costs for school classes, clubs and outside agencies are as follows:

a. Regular Curriculum

Study trips during the regular school day which are part of the ongoing instructional program will not be charged to the school, class or group. Costs for such trips, within a 50-mile radius, directly related to the curriculum will be absorbed by the district. Groups taking extended trips will be responsible for driver and fuel costs.

b. School Clubs - Extended Study Trips

The cost for transportation will be charged at an annually determined rate per mile, plus driving time. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the trip for Board approval.

c. Recreational Trips

All recreational trips are to be scheduled after the regular school day. Recreational trip charges for the current year shall be set annually.

d. Outside Agencies

The entire cost for transportation must be charged for the use of school buses or other vehicles by outside agencies. The cost will be computed at an annually determined rate per mile, plus driving time.


approved: March 24, 2003 Reedley, California