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Campus Disturbances   

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The Governing Board requires that clear channels of communication exist between students and/or parents and school employees at a given school site. Should a breakdown in communication develop, the principal is responsible for initiating the necessary steps to clarify and resolve the issue. In the event this fails, any individual involved has recourse using the procedures outlined below.

Preventive Measures

1. All information which indicates a potential problem or demonstration shall be investigated fully.

2. The high school administration office shall have ready access

to a camera with which to record the events and aid in the identification of agitators involved in a demonstration.

3. The high school administration office shall have access to a portable public address system.

4. All members of the school staff shall be oriented to the procedures to be followed.

Emergency Procedures

1. Disperse the Crowd (by administrator or staff member in charge)

a. Instruct the student demonstrators to disband and to return to class immediately.

b. Instruct any outside agitators to leave the campus immediately.

c. Inform spectators, both student and nonstudent, that they are participants at that moment they refuse to disperse. Refusal to return to class after the preceding will mean immediate suspension for insubordination and disobedience.

2. Reserve Measures (if the foregoing fails)

a. Notify police to take agitators into custody.

b. Notify district administration.

c. Notify parents of students in custody.

3. Instruct teachers to hold students in their classes until otherwise notified. Bells will be turned off until the clearance is given.

Follow-Up Procedures

1. Single out apparent leaders and discuss the situation in private with them.

2. Promptly notify parents of any suspended students.

General Instructions for All Staff

1. Avoid all physical contact.

2. Note any evidence that might become valuable in reconstructing events of a given emergency. (Pictures, comments, observations, etc.)

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approved: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California