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Kings Canyon SD |  BP  4219.2  Personnel

Employment Responsibilities   

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Each classified position represents a service that is important in carrying on the program of public education in this district. The community expects much from its public employees in return for adequate salaries and responsible conditions of employment.

Classified personnel shall familiarize themselves with their school duties, the rules governing the duties of students, the provisions of the rules and regulations of the district, the bulletins of the school, and such sections of the Education Code as may be applicable.

The first responsibility of any employee is to do well in the position to which assigned. The safety and health of students are affected by the condition of the buildings, ground, and equipment. The Governing Board believes that since the classified employees are working in an educational environment and many are working closely with students they should attempt to conduct themselves in a manner that will serve as a good example to youth.

Public education is a cooperative venture involving the services of many people. The district functions best when there is a spirit of cooperation among all employees -when the employees have confidence in and respect for the rights and responsibilities of others.

Each employee should seek to learn as much as possible about the total program of the schools, for he/she will be called upon frequently to answer questions about the schools and to interpret the school program to the community. Evaluations or explanations of the educational program to the public should always be referred to the principal or an administrator.


adopted: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California