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Professional Growth   

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Teachers with clear teaching credential issued after August 31, 1985 shall be responsible for developing an individual professional growth program consisting of 150 clock hours of participation in activities which will endeavor to enhance their instructional competency, performance and effectiveness. These activities shall be consistent with those defined in Administrative Code Title 5 regulations.

Role of Professional Growth Advisors

The role of the professional growth advisor shall be to:

1. Advise teachers of school district and state professional growth requirements.

2. Identify growth needs of the district.

3. Assist in defining the teacher's goals and objectives for professional growth.

4. Approve all plans prior to their implementation and upon completion.

Selection of Professional Growth Advisors

The Superintendent shall maintain procedures for the selection of professional growth advisors which provide for the best possible match between teachers and advisors.

In designating professional growth advisors, the Superintendent or designee shall consider:

1. Subject matter and pedagogical compatibility, interest in special topics, and interactive skills.

2. Proximity to the work location of the teacher and responsible

workload for the advisor.

The Superintendent or designee shall provide all teachers with the names and work locations of the district designated professional growth advisors (Administrative Code Title 5, Section 80556).

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adopted: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California