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In-Service Education/Visitations/Conferences   

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Participation by the certificated staff in professional conferences and workshops for the improvement of instruction is at the request of the principal and subject to advance approval by the Superintendent and Governing Board.

A teacher may be released from classroom duty not to exceed one day to attend a conference. Workshops requiring more than one day are approvable as an exception at the request of the administrator.

Reimbursement shall be limited to actual registration fees (late registration fees will not be reimbursed) and actual lodging costs for an individual at the rate of the conference headquarters hotel not to exceed $160.00 per night. Meals and incidental expenses shall be reimbursed not to exceed $56.00 per day (Breakfast $13.00, Lunch $18.00, Dinner $25.00). Transportation shall be provided utilizing either a district vehicle or a district credit card. Mileage on a per mile rate will not be allowable for conference reimbursement.

An expense advance for approved conference attendance is available upon request to the Superintendent. Individual requests for the expense advance shall be governed by the following:

1. Requests shall be made no later than 48 hours prior to conference departure.

2. The amount of expense advance shall be limited to:

a. Actual registration fee for a one-day conference.

b. Actual registration fee and $100.00 for a two-day conference.

c. Actual registration fee and $150.00 for a three-day conference.

Following the attendance, the employee is responsible to submit a district expense claim form accounting for necessary costs, including receipts for lodging and registration.

(cf. 4133 - Travel; Reimbursement)


adopted: January 2, 1990 Reedley, California

revised: December 11, 2007

revised: October 12, 2010