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Relations Between Public and Students   

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Public Performances by Students

The Governing Board recognizes that worthy and appropriate educational values accrue from student participation in civic and community affairs. When it does not interfere unduly with other scheduled classes or activities within the school, school groups may, with the permission of the principal, participate in local public events which fall into the following classifications:

1. Events sponsored by the schools. Educational events in which the schools serve as hosts shall have priority in scheduling appearances.

2. Community functions organized in the interests of the school such as those that might be originated by the PTA or parent group.

3. Noncommerical civic occasions of community, county, state, or national interest of sufficient breadth to enlist general sympathy and cooperation.

4. Events that are primarily patriotic in nature, such as Veteran's Day.

School groups may not participate in events that fall into any of the following classifications:

1. Events that are for the purpose of private gain or for the advertising of any commercial project or product. A school name, the names of school-sponsored groups or school equipment shall not be exploited in events of a commercial nature.

2. Events that are for the furtherance of any politically partisan interest. In questionable cases, the matter shall be referred to the Board.

3. Events that are primarily for the furtherance of any sectarian concern.

4. Events that cause an undue amount of interference with the regular school program or that cause an excessive amount of absence due to rehearsal or preparation.

(cf. 6145.4 - Public Performances and Exhibits)

Gifts to Students

Requests for the establishment of awards of a temporary or permanent nature shall be referred to the Superintendent or designee. Teachers'/principals' recommendations in the matter may be submitted concurrently with the referral of the award requested.

Use of Students

Organizations allowed to distribute informational materials shall be subject to the following limitations:

1. Time: The time of distribution shall be after the last period of the school day. This limitation is necessary to prevent undue interference with the school program.

2. Place: The place of distribution shall be restricted to permit the normal flow of traffic within the school corridors and entrance/exit areas.

3. Manner: The manner of distribution shall be such that:

a. Coercion is not used to induce students to accept the material.

b. Funds or donations are not collected for the material.

c. Students shall not be a "captive audience" for such distribution.

d. The distribution shall not cause excessive noise or litter the premises.

4. Materials to be distributed shall be submitted to the school principal at least 24 hours prior to such distribution.

The parent/teacher organization affiliated with the school site and the city recreation department may distribute materials in the same manner as school materials are distributed.

Community Services

All personnel shall seek to educate students in the services performed by humanitarian agencies, and may encourage student participation in community services and projects.

Soliciting Funds from and by Students

No students of the public school shall be solicited by teachers or others to subscribe to the funds of or work for any organization not directly under the control of the school authorities.

Fundraising activities for student body expenditures shall have prior Board approval.

Students may engage in raising funds, under the control of the school, for Board-approved student activities and for a limited number of Board-approved charities, subject to the following conditions:

1. The project has the approval of the principal of the school involved.

2. The charity involved has been selected by the student body as one in which it wishes to participate.

Voter Registration

The Board requests the district administration to develop and implement a plan for registering all eligible students in time for primary and general elections on a continuing basis.

It is expected that the plan will include discussion of the registration form in appropriate classes, presentations on the importance of voting by staff members and/or representatives of the county registrar of voters, the League of Women Voters, or other reputable outside organizations. The registration should be preceded by adequate publicity, and students shall be, through appropriate means, encouraged to register and vote.

Contests for Students

Students may participate in contests which are educationally desirable and which do not interfere with the regular school program. No contests shall be conducted, except those which merit participation as recognized and approved by the Superintendent or designee.

Legal Reference:


35330 Excursions and field trips

51520 Prohibited solicitation on school premises

51521 Unlawful solicitation


adopted: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California