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Complaints Concerning the Schools (Line of Communication)   

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In general, parents wishing to take up a matter concerning a child should first see the child's teacher. If they are not satisfied, they should discuss the matter with the principal. Nearly all questions pertaining to individual students can be resolved at the local school level. However, in certain cases, or in situations where the parent or the principal may wish further assistance, the matter may be referred to the Superintendent.

The Board invites suggestions, reactions and constructive criticism from both citizens and employees, by recognized procedures. All complaints shall be submitted in accordance with the procedures adopted by the Board. In so doing, all complaints will be assured of receiving appropriate review and consideration. If it appears necessary, a meeting of the Board may be requested and convened for the purpose of fuller study and the rendering of a decision on the complaint.

A request to appear before the Board must be submitted to the Superintendent as secretary to the Board at least one week before the regular scheduled meeting. Said request should be in writing stating the name and address of the persons wishing to speak and a brief statement as to the nature of the business and any supporting facts which are pertinent to the business to be presented.

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adopted: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California