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Kings Canyon SD |  AR  1260  Community Relations

Parent/Guardian Participation in Federal Programs   

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In compliance with law and Board policy, identified schools for categorical funds shall maintain active parent advisory committees. Representatives from schools shall form an appropriate district committee when specified in the regulations.

Committee Membership

1. School Level

a. One parent representative from each classroom.

b. Staff representatives from grade levels in the school.

c. The school principal and resource teacher(s).

d. The community aide.

e. The president of the school parent organization.

f. Additional parents necessary to meet membership requirements.

2. District Level

a. The elected chairperson and vice chairperson.

b. The chairperson of each school communication committee.

c. Three additional parents from each school committee.

d. The principal and a resource teacher from each site.

e. The community aide at each site.

f. The director, curriculum administrators and program evaluator, community education coordinator and home/ school coordinator.

3. Other Membership Information

a. Each committee membership must include at least 51% parent representation of participating students.

b. Names of all recommended committee members will be submitted to the Governing Board for consideration and appointment at their first meeting in October of each year.

c. Terms of committee members shall be from October 15 to October 14 of each following year. Vacancies on the committee should be filled promptly by the committee in accordance with membership requirements.

d. A quorum shall consist of a majority present of all committee members.

Committee Organization

1. Each committee shall have a chairperson and vice chairperson who are not district employees.

2. Terms for chairpersons are as follows:

a. School level: October 15 to October 14 following year.

b. District Level: July 1 to June 30 following year.

c. The position of recording secretary to each committee shall be filled by the immediate administrator. The secretary shall also be responsible for preparing written agendas and duplicating minutes.


1. School Level: Minimum of five (5) each school year.

2. District Level: Minimum of two each school year.

3. Notice of all meetings shall be given to all members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting time.


approved: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California