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Kings Canyon SD |  BP  0210  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Goals for Student Learning   

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The Governing Board adopts the following goals for student learning as essential to the achievement of quality education:

1. The development of the concept of self-worth and the ability to exercise self-discipline.

2. A positive attitude toward responsible citizenship.

3. The mastery of the basic skills in mathematics, computers, reading, oral and written communication, and the sciences.

4. The development of vocational skills and other competencies leading toward economic independence consistent with the individual's interests and basic potential.

5. An awareness and understanding of our country's history and ideals and its diverse ethnic, racial and cultural heritage.

6. An awareness and understanding of the heritage, ideals and contribution of other cultures, races and countries.

7. An opportunity to develop the capability of students to appreciate beauty in literature, art, music and nature.

8. A recognition of the importance of physical and mental health.

9. An ability to adapt and participate constructively in a changing society.

10. An understanding of the relationship of people and his/her environment.

11. The development of moral and ethical values based on the rights and responsibilities of individuals and their relationships to each other.

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51020 Definition: Goal


adopted: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California