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Polling Places; Schools and Public Buildings.   

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(a) The governing body having jurisdiction over school buildings or other public buildings may authorize the use of its buildings for polling places on any election day, and may also authorize the use of its buildings, without cost, for the storage of voting machines and other vote-tabulating devices. However, if a city or county elections official specifically requests the use of a school building for polling places on an election day, the governing body having jurisdiction over the particular school building shall allow its use for the purpose requested.

(b) Once a governing body has approved the use of a school building as a polling place, the governing body shall instruct the school administrator to provide the elections official a site with an adequate amount of space that will allow the precinct board to perform its duties in a manner that will not impede, interfere, or interrupt the normal process of voting.

(c) The school administrator shall also make a reasonable effort to ensure that the site is accessible to the handicapped.

(Added Stats. 1994, Ch. 920, Sec. 2)