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Subject to the provisions of Section 1796, the county board of education maintaining a school established pursuant to this article shall admit to the school only minors from the age of 13 to 18 years, inclusive, who are qualified for technical or prevocational training by satisfactory completion of the eighth grade and a reasonable exhibition of aptitude, who are residents of the county having jurisdiction over the school. Such students may be considered for the school by the board of admissions upon the recommendation of the county superintendent of schools or the chief administrative officer of the school last attended by the minor. Students who are not residents of the county having jurisdiction over the school may be admitted to the school if approved by the board of admissions, provided that the county of residence shall pay by agreement to the governing board of the school all actual expenses of operation and instruction, including building and grounds, minus state and federal apportionments, not received from contracts with the parents or guardians of the minor, or from the minor's school district of residence.

No minor shall be admitted to a technical, agricultural and natural resource conservation school without the written approval of his parent or guardian, or retained in such school following withdrawal of approval by his parent or guardian.

Juvenile court judges are hereby empowered to refer from their courts to the board of admissions of the county for study as to qualifications for admittance as a student, any minor brought before them who in their opinion can properly qualify for admission. Upon determination of the board of admissions that such minor is otherwise qualified for admission, if the juvenile court judge enters an order waiving jurisdiction of such minor for the purpose of allowing the minor to attend such technical, agricultural or natural resource conservation school, subject to consent by the minor's parent or guardian as provided in this section, the minor shall be admitted to the school.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)


Education Code 1796