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spacer arrow 3717 Liquidated claim for damages.  
spacer arrow 3717.1 Substantial shareholders joined as parties.  
spacer arrow 3717.2 Appeal funding of substantial shareholder.  
spacer arrow 3718 Section 3717 and 3722 actions may be joined.  
spacer arrow 3719 Suit, action or proceeding may be prosecution to final judgment.  
spacer arrow 3720 Lien; illegally insured  
spacer arrow 3720.1 Substantial shareholder or parent.  
spacer arrow 3721 Certificate of lien.  
spacer arrow 3722 Penalty Assessment  
spacer arrow 3725 Contestment of penalty assessment order.  
spacer arrow 3726 Filing of penalty assessment order.  
spacer arrow 3727 Lien(s) when employer has failed to secure payment.  
spacer arrow 3727.1 Withdrawal of stop order or penalty assessment order when employer has secured payment.  
spacer arrow 3728 Cash revolving fund.  
spacer arrow 3729 Annual report to governor.  
spacer arrow 3730 Last day for filing.  
spacer arrow 3731 Stop order or penalty assessment order personally served.  
spacer arrow 3732 Recovery of damages from other than employer.  
spacer arrow 3740 Article 2.5. Self-insurer's security fund. Intent of legislature.  
spacer arrow 3741 Definitions for this article.  
spacer arrow 3742 Self-Insurers Security Fund  
spacer arrow 3743 Insolvent self-insurer.  
spacer arrow 3744 Self-Insurers Security Fund; Reimbursement from insolvent self-insurer  
spacer arrow 3745 Self-Insurers Security Fund; Assessment of members  
spacer arrow 3746 Self-Insurers Security Fund; Annual audit and report.  
spacer arrow 3747 Young-La Follette Self-Insurers' Security Act  
spacer arrow 3750 Article 3. Insurance rights and privileges.  
spacer arrow 3751 Employer cannot deduct cost of compensation from employer's earnings.  
spacer arrow 3752 Liability for compensation; effect of other benefits.  
spacer arrow 3753 Recovery of directly from employer.  
spacer arrow 3754 Insurance Rights and Privileges; payment by employer or insurer  
spacer arrow 3755 Insurer's assumption relieves employer of liability.  
spacer arrow 3756 Notice to injured of insurer's agreement to pay  
spacer arrow 3757 Insurer's assumption relieves employer.  
spacer arrow 3758 Insurer's assumption will not abate proceedings.  
spacer arrow 3759 Employer relieved when insurer liable.  
spacer arrow 3760 Employer to report injuries to insurer.  
spacer arrow 3761 Claim file with insurer.  
spacer arrow 3762 Insurer To Discuss Details Of Claims Affecting Premium  
spacer arrow 3800 Article 4. Construction Permit. Declaration of coverage.  
spacer arrow 3820 Article 5. Workers' Compensation Misrepresentations. Unlawful acts.  
spacer arrow 3850 Definitions used by this chapter.  
spacer arrow 3851 Death does not abate action or right.  
spacer arrow 3852 Action against third party.  
spacer arrow 3853 Actions against third person.  
spacer arrow 3854 Action by employer.  
spacer arrow 3855 Employee joins in or prosecutes.  
spacer arrow 3856 Actions against third party.  
spacer arrow 3857 Further Liens.  
spacer arrow 3858 Payment by employer.  
spacer arrow 3859 Release or settlement of claim requires written consent of employer and employee.  
spacer arrow 3860 No release or settlement without notice to employee and employer.  
spacer arrow 3861 Credit to employer any amount paid but not previously applied.  
spacer arrow 3862 Enforcement of employer's lien against third party.  
spacer arrow 3864 Third party not held harmless unless written agreement.  
spacer arrow 3865 Avoiding duplication of payment.  
spacer arrow 4050 Chapter 7. Medical examinations. Employee must submit to examination at reasonable intervals.  
spacer arrow 4051 Request or order for medical examination.  
spacer arrow 4052 Employee's physician at examination, employee's cost.  
spacer arrow 4053 Failure to submit to medical examination.  
spacer arrow 4054 Failure to comply with appeals board order to submit to examination.  
spacer arrow 4055 Physician may be required to testify.  
spacer arrow 4055.2 Subpoenas sent to all parties of record  
spacer arrow 4056 Compensation not payable for death or disability caused by unreasonable refusal to submit to medical or surgical treatment.  
spacer arrow 4060 Disputes over compensability  
spacer arrow 4061 Determination of Medical Issues; Notices To Go With Last Payment of Temporary Disability Indemnity  
spacer arrow 4061.5 Treating physician to render opinion  
spacer arrow 4062 Determination of Medical Issues; Objection to Medical Determination  
spacer arrow 4062.1 Medical Examinations  
spacer arrow 4062.2 Determination of Medical Issues; Information to be provided to evaluator  
spacer arrow 4062.3 Determination of Medical Issues; Information that can be provided to Medical Evaluator  
spacer arrow 4062.9 Presumption of correctness of findings by treating physician  
spacer arrow 4063 Determination of Medical Issues; Upon resolution employer to pay or file application for adjudication.  
spacer arrow 4064 Determination of Medical Issues; Employer liable for cost of medical evaluation  
spacer arrow 4067 Medical evaluations for changes in effects of injury  
spacer arrow 4067.5 Operative date.  
spacer arrow 4068 Treating physician's reports.  
spacer arrow 4150 Chapter 8. Election to be subject to compensation liability. "Employee" not defined.  
spacer arrow 4151 Manner of election by employer  
spacer arrow 4152 Statement of election.  
spacer arrow 4153 Persons included in statement  
spacer arrow 4154 Acceptance of election by employees.  
spacer arrow 4155 Public employment comes within provision of this division  
spacer arrow 4156 Exemption from liability for compensation  
spacer arrow 4157 Independent contractor status.  
spacer arrow 4201 Chapter 9. Economic Opportunity Programs. Article 1. General Provisions. Intent.  
spacer arrow 4202 "Economic opportunity program" means.  
spacer arrow 4203 "Enrollee" means.  
spacer arrow 4204 Sponsoring agency defined  
spacer arrow 4205 "Participating agency" means  
spacer arrow 4206 Enrollee has no right to receive compensation.  
spacer arrow 4207 Conditions for compensation.  
spacer arrow 4208 Right to recover compensation exclusive remedy.  
spacer arrow 4209 Provisions of division pertain to enrollee  
spacer arrow 4211 Article 2. Benefits. Limited by chapter.  
spacer arrow 4212 Weekly earnings; determined by Sections 4453; statutory minimum average weekly earnings for temporary disability indemnity.  
spacer arrow 4213 Permanent disability.  
spacer arrow 4214 Burial expenses.  
spacer arrow 4226 Article 3. Adjustment of Claims. Benefits reduced by federal government benefits.  
spacer arrow 4227 Medical treatment from federal government.  
spacer arrow 4228 No right to medical treatment under this chapter if provided by federal government.  
spacer arrow 4229 No right to benefit under this chapter if it prevents rights to federal benefits.  
spacer arrow 4351 Chapter 10. Disaster service workers. Article 1. General. Compensation provided exclusive remedy for disaster service worker.  
spacer arrow 4352 Compensation paid only from appropriated funds.  
spacer arrow 4353 Average weekly earnings for determining disability indemnity  
spacer arrow 4354 Permanent disability.  
spacer arrow 4381 Article 3. Adjustment of claims. State compensation insurance fund agreement to handle claims  
spacer arrow 4382 State fund reimbursed.  
spacer arrow 4383 City and/or County becomes party to agreement.  
spacer arrow 4384 Modification of additional.  
spacer arrow 4385 State fund may act for California Emergency council.  
spacer arrow 4386 State benefits reduced by federal benefits.  
spacer arrow 4401 Chapter 11. Asbestos workers' account. Article 1. General Provisions. Asbestos workers.  
spacer arrow 4402 Definitions  
spacer arrow 4403 Asbestos Worker's Account.  
spacer arrow 4404 Provisions of division pertain.  
spacer arrow 4405 Right to asbestos worker's benefits temporary remedy.  
spacer arrow 4406 Conditions of or payments of asbestos workers' compensation.  
spacer arrow 4407 Payments as advances.  
spacer arrow 4407.3 Death benefits.  
spacer arrow 4407.5 Lump-sum payment not allocated.  
spacer arrow 4408 Employee to file with employer or employer's insurance carrier  
spacer arrow 4409. Article 2. Benefits. Asbestos worker's account cases.  
spacer arrow 4409.5 Processing of claims.  
spacer arrow 4410 Assisting asbestos workers.  
spacer arrow 4411 Asbestos claims.  
spacer arrow 4412 Article 3. Collections. Recovery of benefits from responsible employer.  
spacer arrow 4413 No limitation of time.  
spacer arrow 4414 Recovery of moneys expended.  
spacer arrow 4415 Attorney General or attorneys from Department of Industrial Relations may be used.  
spacer arrow 4416 Payment of lien by responsible employer.  
spacer arrow 4417 Asbestos claim against third party.  
spacer arrow 4418 Operative dates.