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Kings Canyon SD |  E  6153  Instruction

Field Trips   

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Chaperone Duties For Overnight Field Trips


As a chaperone, you are expected to:

1. Be proud of and loyal to Kings Canyon Unified School District.

2. Be available to students at all times during the field trip..

3. Aid and assist the students, director and bus drivers when necessary.

4. Be responsible for 5-6 students per chaperone (or as assigned), site administrative approval required for other arrangements.

5. No profanity.

6. Do not haze, or do anything that could be interpreted as abuse (physical punishments of any kind).

7. Do not publicly take the side of kids over adults.

8. Do not bring alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or other tobacco products. Use of these products on a school campus or school activity is in violation of the Education Code.

9. Do not bring any articles of clothing which advertise or have overtones of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, or violence.

Sleeping Arrangements

The sponsoring teacher or chaperone will be assigned to the following areas of responsibility:

1. Confined areas¬óall exits and between designated sleeping areas

2. Individual Rooms¬óone chaperone will be assigned to each room occupied by students, unless otherwise approved by site administrator


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