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Kings Canyon SD |  AR  3515.3  Business and Noninstructional Operations

District Police/Security Department   

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To be employed as district police or security officers, persons shall meet all the requirements for classified personnel in addition to specialized requirements as described below.

(cf. 4112.4/4212.4/4312.4 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 4112.41/4212.41/4312.41 - Employee Drug Testing)

(cf. 4211 - Recruitment and Selection)

(cf. 4212 - Appointment and Conditions of Employment)

(cf. 4215 - Evaluation/Supervision)

Chief of Police/Chief of Security

The district police or security department shall be supervised by a chief of police or chief of security designated by the Superintendent and working under the Superintendent's direction. (Education Code 38000)

Qualifications for the position of police or security chief include, but are not limited to, prior employment as a peace officer or completion of a peace officer training course approved by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. The police or security chief shall comply with this requirement within one year of initial employment in this position by the district. (Education Code 38000)

Qualifications of Security Officers

Every school security officer shall: (Education Code 38001.5)

1. Under the conditions described in Education Code 38001.5, submit to the district copies of his/her fingerprints on forms or electronically, as prescribed by the Department of Justice

2. Be determined to be a person not prohibited from employment by a school district pursuant to Education Code 44237 or 45122.1

(cf. 3515.6 - Criminal Background Checks for Contractors)

(cf. 4112.62/4212.62/4312.62 - Maintenance of Criminal Offender Records)

(cf. 4212.5 - Criminal Record Check)

3. Be determined by the Department of Justice to be a person who is not prohibited from possessing a firearm (Education Code 38001.5)

Each employee who works more than 20 hours a week as a school security officer shall complete a course of training developed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services of the Department of Consumer Affairs in consultation with the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. (Education Code 38001.5)

School security officers shall additionally satisfy the training requirements of Penal Code 832. (Education Code 38001.5)

Qualifications of Police Officers

Before exercising the powers of a peace officer, district police officers shall satisfactorily complete an introductory course of training prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and shall pass the commission's examination. (Penal Code 832, 832.3)

If a person has passed this examination more than three years before being employed as a peace officer, or has a break in service of three or more years, he/she shall be required to pass the examination before beginning duties as a district police officer, unless he/she meets criteria required by law. (Penal Code 832)

Within two years of the date of first employment, district police officers shall have completed supplementary specialized training, approved by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, on the unique safety needs of a school environment. (Penal Code 832.3)

The Superintendent or designee may provide district police officers with additional training in other public safety skills, including but not limited to first aid, rescue, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency medical technician training, juvenile procedures and specialized safety equipment. (Education Code 38002)

(cf. 4119.43/4219.43/4319.43 - Universal Precautions)

(cf. 4231 - Staff Development)

(cf. 5141 - Health Care and Emergencies)

School police reserve officers shall complete a course of training directly related to the role of school police reserve officers as prescribed in Penal Code 832.2. (Education Code 35021.5)


Each district police or security officer shall wear a badge bearing the name of the district, carry an identification card bearing his/her photograph and signature and the signature of the Superintendent, and carry any other identification data required by local law enforcement agencies. (Education Code 38003)

The district shall bear the cost of all required uniforms, equipment, identification badges and cards. (Education Code 38003)

The Board may provide and maintain motor vehicles for use by police or security department staff. When operated by a district officer in the performance of his/her duties, any vehicle is an authorized emergency vehicle and may be equipped and operated as such, as provided by the Vehicle Code. (Education Code 38004)

Personnel Files

Before any record containing an adverse comment is placed in a police officer's personnel file, he/she shall read and sign the record indicating he/she is aware of the comment. The police officer shall have 30 days to file a written response, which shall be attached to the adverse comment. (Government Code 3305-3306)

(cf. 4112.6/4212.6/4312.6 - Personnel Files)

A police officer may inspect his/her personnel file during usual business hours with no loss of compensation. If the officer believes that any portion of the material is mistakenly or unlawfully placed in the file, the officer may request, in writing, that the mistaken or unlawful portion be corrected or deleted and shall describe the reasons supporting those corrections or deletions. Within 30 days of the request, the Superintendent or designee shall either grant the officer's request or notify the officer of the decision to refuse to grant the request. The Superintendent or designee shall state in writing the reasons for refusing any request. (Government Code 3306.5)

Disciplinary Action

Any investigation of a district police officer that could lead to punitive action shall be conducted in accordance with Government Code 3303-3304.

If the Superintendent or designee decides to impose discipline following investigation and any predisciplinary response or procedure, he/she shall notify the police officer in writing within 30 days of the decision, including the date that the discipline shall be imposed. (Government Code 3304)

Any appeal by a police officer shall be conducted in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulation. (Government Code 3304.5)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)


approved: March 15, 2004 Reedley, California