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Kings Canyon SD |  AR  6146.5  Instruction

Elementary School Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency   

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The district instructional staff shall develop standards of expected student achievement in reading, arithmetic, oral and written language, and any other skill areas as determined by the Governing Board. The Board shall adopt such standards after involving the parents, administrators and counselors in the developmental process.

Time sequences of progress shall not be fixed entirely by grade designation. Some students will demonstrate ability to move through the learning experiences of the various levels at a faster pace. Some will require additional time. The flexibility of programs and instruction shall allow for such variability in rates of learning as part of the personalized instruction program.

Because of the high ratios of transiency between schools and districts some flexibility in ultimate decisions on progress of children is necessary. However, students shall not progress from primary to intermediate to secondary grades without acceptable accomplishment of basic skills functions unless a specific exception for defined reasons is made by the principal. The parents shall be included in the decision. If an exception is made, a planned program for remediation for the student should accompany the decision.

The assessment of proficiencies will be given in English and will take place at least once during grades four through six and at least once during grades seven through eight. A separate assessment will be made of the student's proficiency in each skill area. A separate score will be given to the student's proficiency in each skill area.

Proficiency assessment results will be used by the instructional staff to determine whether a student needs additional assistance in basic skills. The instructional staff will determine the appropriate content and techniques to assist the student to improve.

A conference will be arranged by the principal for students who do not meet the prescribed standards of proficiency in basic skills which would enable them to exit grades six or eight. The conference will include the student, the student's parent/ guardian and a certificated employee familiar with the student's progress. The purpose of the conference will be to discuss the results of the student's assessment and the steps to be taken to assist in making progress toward mastery of basic skills.

A written notice requesting the student and parent/guardian to attend the conference will be sent in the primary language of the parent/guardian, when practicable. The notice will request a response from the parent/guardian.

If the conference is to be held on a group basis, the notice will specify the right of the parent/guardian to an individual conference without having to attend the group conference.

If a response is not received by the school within ten (10) days of the date of the conference, the school will make reasonable efforts to contact the parent/guardian and to inform them of the contents of the written notice.

The student will attend the conference unless the principal's designee and the student's parent/guardian agree that the student's presence would not be in his/her best interest.

The instructional program which will be implemented to assist the student to master the basic skills will be described at the conference. If the parent/guardian does not attend the conference, the school will inform them of their child's instructional program within ten (10) days after the date of the conference.

Separate standards of proficiency will be set for reading comprehension, writing and computational skills and any other skill areas the Board designates. A separate assessment will be made of the student's proficiency in each skill area. A separate

score will be given to the student's proficiency in each skill area.

Remedial Instruction in Basic Skills

Instruction in basic skills shall be provided for any student who does not show enough progress toward mastery of basic skills,

and shall continue until the student has been given numerous chances to achieve mastery. Such instruction may be provided in summer school programs.


approved: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California