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Classified staff may be reduced due to insufficient funds, reduced workload, combination or elimination of jobs, or when reemployment rights of an employee on military leave make such action necessary. For classified employees the reduction shall be made in reverse order of seniority in the job classification of the employee.

A reduction in work force is not a dismissal, and employees shall have priority for reinstatement when the situation changes favorably. If a regular employee is reinstated within thirtynine months of a layoff, he/she shall regain all accumulated benefits accruing at the time of the layoff and no probationary period will be required.

In lieu of being laid off due to a reduction in work force, an employee, if qualified, may elect to transfer to another class in the same salary range or demotion to any class with a lower maximum salary in which there is an opening and with the approval of the Superintendent or designee. An employee demoted due to a reduction in the work force shall receive the maximum of the salary range in the class to which the employee is demoted provided such salary is not greater than the salary received in the higher class at the time of demotion.

Legal Reference:


45101 Definitions

45103 Classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system

45105 Positions under various acts not requiring certification qualifications; classification

45105.1 Positions exempt from classified services (C.E.T.A.)

45113 Rules and regulations for classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system

45114 Layoff and reemployment procedures; definitions

45115 Layoff: Reinstatement from service retirement

45117 Notice of layoff due to expiration of specially funded

programs or bona fide reduction or elimination of service

45286 Limited term employees

45298 Reemployment and promotional examination preference of persons laid off; voluntary demotions or reductions in time

45308 Order of layoff and reemployment; length of service

45309 Personnel commission to maintain reemployment eligibility lists as required by law


adopted: July 5, 1988 Reedley, California