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Before July 1 - First draft of preliminary working budget reviewed by Governing Board.

On or before July 1 - File tentative budget with County Superintendent of Schools, including the time, date and place where the public hearing will be held. (Education Code 42127(a))

August 1 - Deadline for submitting changes to the County Superintendent of Schools for the time, date and location of the public hearings and inspection of the proposed budget. (Education Code 42127(b))

On or before August 1 - County Superintendent returns tentative budget with corrections and recommendations. (Education Code 42127)

During August, at least ten days before the public hearing date - County Superintendent publishes notice of the dates and places where the proposed district budget may be inspected, and the time, date and place

for its public hearing. (Education Code 42103)

At least three days before - The proposed budget shall be made the public hearing date available by the district for public inspection. (Education Code 42103)

On or before September 15 - Governing Board shall conduct a public hearing on the proposed budget.

(Education Code 42103)

On or before September 15 - After the public hearing, the Governing Board adopts the budget including any tax requirements, and files it with the County Superintendent of Schools. (Education Code 42127)

By September 15 - The Governing Board shall prepare and keep on file for public inspection a statement of all receipts and expenditures of the district for the preceding fiscal year and a statement of the estimated total expenses of the district for the current fiscal year. (Education Code 42100)

By November 1 - County Superintendent examines the adopted budget and sends the district Board any recommendations for needed corrections. (Education Code 1623)

On or before November 30 - The Board shall (1) review at a public Board hearing any recommendations made by the County Superintendent of Schools, and (2) respond to such recommendations, saying what actions are proposed as a result. (Education Code 42127)

On or before November 30 - County Superintendent approves the adopted budget and files one copy with Board of Supervisors and one with the county auditor. The County Superintendent files a copy with the Superintendent of Public Instruction only if the district fails to respond adequately to the County Superintendent's recommendations. (Education Code 42127)


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