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Written Argument For or Against School Measures   

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(a) The governing board of the school district or a member or members of the governing board, or an individual voter who is eligible to vote on the measure, or bona fide association of citizens, or a combination of such voters and associations may file a written argument for or against any school measure. An argument shall not exceed 300 words in length. The elections official shall cause an argument for and an argument against the measure, if submitted, to be printed, and shall include the arguments, preceded by the analysis, in the county voter information guide.

(b) Printed arguments submitted to voters in accordance with this section shall be titled either "Argument in Favor of Measure ____" or "Argument Against Measure ____," accordingly, the blank spaces being filled in only with the letter or number, if any, designating the measure. At the discretion of the elections official, the word "Proposition" may be substituted for the word "Measure" in the titles. Words used in the title shall not be counted when determining the length of any measure.

(Amended by Stats. 2016, Ch. 422, Sec. 55.)