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Uniform District Election Law.   

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As soon as the result of the canvass by the county elections official is declared, the county elections official shall prepare and mail a statement of the result to the secretary of each district participating in the general district election. The statement shall be signed by the county elections official, authenticated by the seal of the county and shall show:

(a) The number of ballots cast for elective offices of that district and, when directors of that district are elected by divisions, the number of ballots cast in each division.

(b) The name of each candidate for an elective office of that district voted for and the office.

(c) The number of votes cast in each precinct for each candidate.

(d) When directors are elected by divisions, the number of votes cast in each division for each candidate for the office of director from that division.

(e) The number of votes cast in the district for all other elective offices of that district.

(Added Stats. 1994, Ch. 920, Sec. 2)