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Identification Badges   

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Purpose: To implement an Identification Badge system to enhance the safety and welfare of students, staff, and campus visitors.

The Governing Board recognizes the need for instant visible identification of all adults who work or volunteer in or about the district. The photo ID badge serves many purposes, but the most important is personal safety for employees, students, and other authorized persons in and around the district facilities. Badges serve to identify people who should - or should not - be on district premises. Badges discourage unwanted visitors from going on or entering district property and help create a sense of community throughout the district.

To enhance the school safety environment and provide additional security, the Superintendent or his designee shall implement a Photo Identification Badge system for all staff. Volunteers and visitors shall wear temporary non-photo ID badges to all sites of the district. Such identification badges shall be produced by the district and shall remain the property of the district.


adopted: February 19, 2013 Kingsburg, California