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Voluntary Transfers

A transfer shall be defined as a change in work site from one school to another. A voluntary transfer is one that is conducted at the request of the certificated employee.

Any request for transfer shall be submitted in writing on the district provided form to the district office by February 10th of each year. Requests must include all possible desired assignments whether or not a known vacancy exists. Requests made after February 10th will not be subject to conditions contained herein and will be considered at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee.

The teacher requesting the transfer must have the appropriate credential(s), supplemental(s) and/or qualifications for the position requested. They may also be required to demonstrate competency required by specific grade levels (knowledge of grade level standards; success in teaching beginning readers, second language learners, etc.) and/or special skills beneficial to the students in the location of the new assignment.

Before the last work day of each school year, teachers currently employed by the district shall receive consideration for the position prior to the employment of anyone outside the district. For purposes of making a selection to fill a vacancy between a current tenured certificated staff member and an outside applicant, a current tenured certificated staff member who meets the February 10th deadline and credentialing requirements shall be granted an interview before the vacancy is filled. Exceptions to this provision are authorized when such exceptions are necessary in order to meet the requirements of the District's Affirmative Action Policy, when the qualifications of an outside applicant are clearly superior, or at the discretion of the Superintendent to consider mitigating circumstances.

When making a decision between two or more tenured certificated staff members the following criteria shall apply:

First, during the interview process the qualifications, training, major and minor fields of study, credentials, experience, competencies, preferred criteria as listed in the job flyer and good standing have been assessed.

Second, after interview, seniority of the certificated staff member shall be the tie-breaking criteria between the candidates if the qualifications during the interview are ranked equally. Seniority is defined as the employee with the longest unbroken span of employment in the district.

Unselected applicants shall be entitled to meet with the Principal and, upon request, to a written statement as to why their transfer request has been denied.

The Superintendent or designee shall maintain a list of all known vacancies. The most current list shall be posted in or near the school staff-break area. The school principal shall post the most current list when it is available.

Voluntary and Involuntary Transfers within a School Site

Changes of assignment within the same school may be made at the discretion of the school principal and in consultation with the Superintendent or designee. Teachers being involuntarily reassigned to a different grade level at any time shall receive a $400 budget to spend on materials to be used to meet the educational needs of their students or in the case of the junior high, a percentage of $400 based on the change in their schedule to another grade. The district will make every effort to inform teachers of involuntary transfers by May 15th of each school year.

Involuntary Transfers to Different School Sites

Involuntary transfers may become necessary when programs are reduced or cancelled, when schools are closed, or when otherwise required in order to accommodate the school's staffing needs.

Before making an involuntary transfer, an attempt will be made to find qualified volunteers.

An involuntary transfer can only take place once every five (5) years for a teacher that is either involuntarily transferred or volunteers to leave a site and/or grade level due to staffing needs.

Seniority. When it is necessary for the District to fill a vacancy through involuntary transfer and more than one (1) current employee is qualified, the district shall transfer the employee with the least seniority. Employees shall have their seniority defined in the following order (most senior to least senior employee based on the accumulation of FTE's taught):

1. Seniority of the employee with the longest span of employment in the grade-level at the school site.

2. Seniority of the employee with the longest span of employment at the school.

3. Seniority of the employee with the longest unbroken span of employment in the district.

4. Seniority of the employee with the longest combined span of employment in the district (i.e., combined time minus a leave of absence or other break in service).

If a teacher objects to a transfer, s/he may request a meeting with the Superintendent or designee and the principal. If dissatisfied with the results of this meeting, the teacher may appeal to the Governing Board. The Board's decision shall be final.

Any teacher that has been involuntarily moved shall have rights back to the grade level from which they were involuntarily transferred for the subsequent school year following the teacher's first year of service in the assigned grade level.


approved: September 8, 1994 Kingsburg, California

revised: May 21, 2012

revised: July 26, 2016

revised: February 20, 2018

revised: March 12, 2018