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Kingsburg Elementary Charter |  AR  6151  Instruction

Class Size   

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At all times the district shall make a reasonable effort to maintain balanced class sizes. The balancing of classes at each school site will take place no later than the 15th day of instruction.

Maximum Class Sizes will normally be (unless otherwise funded by the state):

* K - 3 = 30

* 4 - 8 = 32

* Combination classes in grades K - 6 = 30

Class size limitations shall not apply, but balancing shall be a goal, with respect to traditional large group instruction such as band, PE, study hall, drama, work experience, choir, and chorus.

The above maximum class sizes shall be exceeded for no more than the first 15 instructional days of the school year without additional compensation.

If necessary to assign more than the listed maximum number to any class for a longer period, the teacher shall be compensated at the following rate:

* K - 6: $10.00 per student per day

* 7 - 8: $1.25 per student per period

The stipends will be paid on the June 30th payroll and will be based on daily enrollment reports pulled from Aeries.

Reductions for Special Needs

At a teacher's request, there shall be a conference between the teacher and the principal for the purpose of considering a reduction of the class size for that classroom due to the special needs of the children in that class. The principal may confer with the assigned school nurse, psychologist, or district office personnel as needed. If the teacher is not satisfied with the result, he/she may request a meeting with the District Level Administrator designated for his/her school site.


approved: February 21, 2012 Kingsburg, California

revised: July 13, 2013

revised: April 14, 2016