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Kingsburg Elementary Charter |  AR  5117  Students

Interdistrict Attendance   

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Upon request by student's parents/guardians, the Superintendent or designee may accept or deny applications for attendance for non-resident students. Such requests will be considered and approved or disapproved by the Governing Board at their regularly scheduled meetings. Residents of the district will have priority in enrollment and district services.

Interdistrict attendance requests shall be governed by the following:

1. Priority will be given to students previously enrolled in the district, by date enrolled.

2. When it is determined that the enrollment needs of resident students, and previously enrolled students, have been met, the Superintendent or designee shall recommend to the Board the numbers of Interdistrict transfers for each grade level which can be accommodated. If students have been enrolled on the same admittance date, they shall be placed in a lottery and selected randomly.

a. Board approval of the recommendation: the Superintendent or designee shall contact the parents/guardians requesting the child's admittance in numerical order established by the aforementioned lottery. Such practice will be continued until the Board approved allotments have been met.

b. Board does not approve the recommendation from the Superintendent or designee: parents shall be contacted by mail as to the disposition of said Board position. Parents/guardians may request to be informed of the lottery position of their child.

3. All transfer requests may be made for only one school year. Priority enrollment for additional school years' attendance shall be given to returning students.

Continued enrollment and re-enrollment of an approved interdistrict transfer is contingent on, but not limited to the following:

1. The student may not have excessive absences or tardies as determined by the School Attendance and Review Board (SARB).

2. The student must maintain appropriate school behavior in the classroom, on school property, and/or school functions.

3. The student has not had excessive suspensions, has not attended an alternative education program, and/or has not been expelled from a previous district.


approved: February 21, 2012 Kingsburg, California

revised: November 17, 2016