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Kingsburg Elementary Charter |  AR  4128  Personnel

Shared Teaching Assignments   

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1. Shared teaching assignments shall be available only to tenured teachers who possess a clear credential, who are already employed by the district and who have mutually agreed to work together. Teachers may submit their request for such an assignment to the Superintendent or designee by February 10 of the preceding school year. A teaching candidate shall not be hired for the purposes of partnering in a job share relationship.

2. The district shall not be responsible for establishing and/or recruiting staff for purposes of a job share.

3. Teachers requesting a shared assignment shall be informed of the status of their proposal by June 10.

4. The Superintendent or designee shall annually review the effectiveness of the shared teaching assignment and determine whether or not it may continue the following year. The Superintendent or designee shall notify the teachers of this decision at the regularly scheduled March Governing Board meeting.

Hours and Responsibilities

1. Both teachers will work the equivalent of half of the school days required of full-time teachers, not to exceed 50%/50%, and will perform a proportionate share of adjunct duties.

2. Both teachers shall submit to the Superintendent or designee a proposed calendar defining the exact working days and meeting responsibilities.

3. Although the teacher not on duty will not normally be required to attend all staff meetings (though as expected, teachers will attend meetings scheduled for the days they work) both teachers shall attend parent conferences, open house, and back-to-school nights. Both teachers also may be expected to attend specific inservice meetings and to work a full day on at least the first two days of the first week of school and other training as assigned by the Superintendent or designee.

4. The principal shall approve the teachers' working calendar before school opens.

5. Both teachers shall assume full responsibility for the class instructional program. They will regularly meet to jointly develop lesson plans and ensure clear lines of communication with parents/guardians.

Salary, Leaves and Absences

1. Each teacher will receive an annual salary in proportion to the percentage of contracted job share.

2. The employee and the district's contribution to the retirement system shall be commensurate with the percentage noted in the job share contract. Service credit for retirement and salary schedule advancement will be commensurate with the percentage or time served as per the job share contact. Salary schedule advancement will be based on the completion and culmination of a 100% school year.

3. Whenever one of the teachers sharing an assignment is absent, the other teacher sharing the assignment shall make every reasonable effort to perform substitute teaching duties.

4. Teachers sharing an assignment shall accrue sick leave and other leave benefits commensurate with the percentage of contracted rate. Worker compensation insurance shall be paid on the employee's actual salary.

Health Plan

Teachers sharing an assignment are eligible to participate in the district's health plan. The employee is eligible to participate at the percentage stipulated by the job share contract and accepts responsibility for payment of the balance as a voluntary deduction. Job share teachers declining medical, dental, and vision programs sponsored by the district must complete a "Declining of Insurance Waiver" form.


approved: February 21, 2012 Kingsburg, California

revised: October 13, 2016

revised: February 20, 2018

revised: March 12, 2018