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Article 2. Automobile Driver Training. General Provisions.   

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This article governs the establishment, conduct, and scope of, and establishes standards for the laboratory phase of driver education in high schools, except evening high schools.

The laboratory phase of driver education is instruction in driving motor vehicles through the actual use of automobile simulators, and multiple-car off-street driving ranges, for the purpose of developing the knowledge, attitude habits, and skills necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicles, with additional emphasis in:

(a) The vehicle, highway and community features

(1) That aid the driver in avoiding crashes

(2) That protect him and his passengers in crashes

(3) That maximize the salvage of the injured

(b) Basic and advanced driving techniques including techniques for handling emergencies.

Authority cited:

Education Code 51054


Education Code 51054

(Amended by Register 79, No. 45.)