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Equivalent Opportunity.   

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(a) For purposes of section 230(c) of the Education Code, in determining whether equivalent opportunities are available to both sexes in athletic programs, the factors a local agency shall consider, include, but are not limited to:

(1) Whether the selection of sports and levels of competition offered effectively accommodate the interests and abilities of both sexes;

(2) The provision and maintenance of equipment and supplies;

(3) Scheduling of games and practice times; selection of the season for a sport; location of the games and practices;

(4) Travel and per diem allowances;

(5) Opportunities to receive coaching and academic tutoring;

(6) Assignment and compensation of coaches and tutors;

(7) Provision of locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities;

(8) Provision of medical and training facilities and services;

(9) Provision of housing and dining facilities and services;

(10) Publicity.

(b) Unequal aggregate expenditures for members of each sex or unequal expenditures for male and female teams, if a recipient operates or sponsors separate teams, shall not constitute noncompliance with this section. However, the failure to provide necessary funds for teams for one sex in assessing equivalent opportunity for members of each sex shall be considered.

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(Amended by Register 2001, No. 24.)