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Mello Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982   

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(a) The legislative body may, by resolution and without the necessity of calling and holding an election, borrow money in anticipation of the sale of bonds which have been authorized pursuant to this article, but which have not been sold and delivered, issue negotiable bond anticipation notes therefor, and renew the notes from time to time. The maximum maturity of any such notes, including the renewals thereof, shall not exceed five years from the date of delivery of the original notes.

(b) The principal and interest on the notes may be paid from any money available for their payment. Any portion of the principal or interest which is due and payable shall be paid from the proceeds of the next sale of bonds in anticipation of which the notes were issued.

(c) The proceeds of notes issued pursuant to this section may be used for any purpose for which the bonds in anticipation of which the notes were issued may be used.

(d) The notes shall not be issued in any amount in excess of the aggregate amount of bonds which the legislative body has been authorized to issue, less the amount of any bonds of such authorized issue which have been previously sold and less the amount of other bond anticipation notes issued previously and outstanding at that time.

(e) The legislative body may, in its resolution authorizing the issuance of notes, provide that the note shall be subject to call and redemption prior to maturity, at the option of the district, at such price or prices as may be fixed in the resolution, but not to exceed a premium of 6 percent of the par value of the note so subject to redemption. The resolution shall fix the method of giving notice of redemption to the holders of notes to be redeemed and the price or prices at which the note shall be subject to redemption. Any notes that are subject to call and redemption prior to maturity shall contain a recital to that effect on their face and no note shall be subject to call or redemption prior to its fixed maturity date unless it contains that recital.

(f) The notes shall be issued and sold in the same manner as the bonds.

(g) The notes and the resolution or resolutions authorizing the same may contain any provisions, conditions, or limitations which a resolution of the legislative body authorizing the issuance of bonds may contain.

(h) The legislative body shall, in its resolution authorizing the issuance of notes, provide a remedy if the anticipated bonds cannot be sold at the time or in the amount specified in the resolution, or if any default occurs with respect to the notes. Any remedy which is so provided shall limit the obligations of property owners within the community facilities district to the special tax authorized and levied pursuant to this chapter, except that the legislative body may enter into an agreement with any of the property owners within the district pledging some or all of the real property of those property owners who are a party to the agreement as additional security for the notes. The legislative body may authorize the levy of a supplemental special tax in an amount sufficient to secure a note issued pursuant to this section, if that special tax is fully described as to the rate, method of apportionment, and conditions under which it may be levied in the resolution of intention prepared pursuant to Section 53321. This special tax shall be subject to the procedures and voting requirements for any special tax levied under the authority of this chapter.

(Added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 269, Sec. 42.)