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Temporary/Substitute Personnel   

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Any candidate recommended by the Superintendent or designee for a substitute or temporary position requiring certification qualifications shall possess the appropriate credential or permit authorizing his/her employment in such position and shall meet all other requirements of law for certificated positions. (Education Code 44830)

(cf. 4111.2/4211.2/4311.2 - Legal Status Requirement)

(cf. 4112.2 - Certification)

(cf. 4112.3/4212.3/4312.3 - Oath or Affirmation)

(cf. 4112.4/4212.4/4312.4 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 4112.5/4312.5 - Criminal Record Check)

The district shall not initially hire a certificated person on a substitute or temporary basis in a capacity designated in his/her credential unless he/she has demonstrated basic skills proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics pursuant to Education Code 44252.5, unless exempted by law. (Education Code 44830)

A noncredentialed person shall not substitute for any special education certificated position. The Superintendent or designee shall recruit and maintain lists of appropriately credentialed substitute teachers. He/she shall contact institutes of higher education with approved special education programs for possible recommendations of appropriately credentialed special education personnel. (Education Code 56060, 56063)


At the time of initial employment during each school year, each new temporary employee shall receive a written statement indicating his/her employment status and salary. This statement shall clearly indicate the temporary nature of the employment and the length of time for which the person is being employed. (Education Code 44916)

(cf. 4112.9/4212.9/4312.9 - Employee Notifications)

Time of initial employment means before the employee starts work. (Kavanaugh v. West Sonoma County Union High School District)

The Superintendent or designee shall notify all substitute and part-time certificated employees, within 30 days of their hire, of their right to elect membership in a defined benefit program under a qualified retirement plan. The employee shall sign a form provided by the system to acknowledge receipt of this notice and to indicate whether he/she elects or declines membership. Election of membership shall be irrevocable for all future employment to perform creditable service. (Education Code 22455.5, 22515)


A person who holds an emergency 30-day substitute permit, emergency career substitute permit, emergency substitute permit for prospective teachers, or emergency substitute permit for career technical education shall be restricted in the number of days he/she may substitute for any one teacher in accordance with 5 CCR 80025-80025.5.

In placing substitute teachers in special education classrooms, the district shall give first priority to substitute teachers with the appropriate special education credential(s), second priority to substitute teachers with any other special education credential, and third priority to substitute teachers with a regular teaching credential. An inappropriately credentialed substitute teacher shall not serve as a substitute for a special education teacher for a period of more than 20 cumulative school days for each special education teacher absent during each school year. The district may apply to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for an extension of 20 school days, or for a longer period in extraordinary circumstances. (Education Code 56060-56062)


The Board shall adopt and make public a salary schedule setting the daily or pay period rate(s) for substitute employees for all categories or classes of certificated employees of the district. (Education Code 44977, 45030)

Substitute employees shall not participate in the health and welfare plans or other fringe benefits of the district. Substitute and temporary employees may be entitled to paid sick time outlined under the Paid Sick Leave section of this policy.

Granting Probationary Status

Unless released from employment pursuant to Education Code 44954, and with the exception of on-call, day-to-day substitutes, any temporary employee who performs the duties normally required of certificated employees for at least 75 percent of the number of days the regular schools of the district were maintained in that school year, shall be deemed to have served a complete school year as a probationary employee if employed as a probationary employee for the following school year. (Education Code 44918)

(cf. 4116 - Probationary/Permanent Status)

A temporary employee hired to teach temporary classes or perform other certificated duties not expected to last more than the first three months of any semester or to teach special day classes shall be classified as a probationary employee if the duties continue beyond the time limits. (Education Code 44919)

Release from Employment/Dismissal

The Board may dismiss a substitute employee at any time at its discretion. (Education Code 44953)

The Board may release a temporary employee at its discretion if the employee has served less than 75 percent of the number of days the regular schools of the district are maintained. After serving during one school year 75 percent of the number of days the regular schools of the district are maintained, a temporary employee may be released as long as the employee is

notified before the end of the school year of the district's decision not to reelect him/her for the following school year. (Education Code 44954)

Reemployment Rights

With the exception of on-call, day-to-day substitutes, a temporary or substitute employee who served during one school year at least 75 percent of the number of days the regular schools of the district were maintained and who was not released pursuant to Education Code 44954 prior to the end of the school year shall be reemployed for the following school year to fill any vacant positions in the district. (Education Code 44918)

With the exception of on-call, day-to-day substitutes, a temporary or substitute employee who was released pursuant to Education Code 44954 but who has nevertheless served for two consecutive years, for at least 75 percent of each year, shall receive first priority if the district fills a vacant position for the subsequent school year at the grade level at which the employee served during either year. In the case of a departmentalized program, the employee shall have taught the subject matter in which the vacant position occurs. (Education Code 44918)

Paid Sick Leave

Any substitute or temporary employee, who does not currently earn paid sick leave, and who works for 30 or more days will be entitled to 24 hours of paid time off at the beginning of each fiscal year. Unused hours will not carry forward to the next fiscal year.

A substitute or temporary employee shall be entitled to use accrued paid sick leave beginning on the 90th day of employment.

A substitute or temporary employee may only use paid time off if he/she has been scheduled to work on the day they are requesting paid time off. A substitute or temporary employee may use paid sick leave in not less than two-hour increments.

Substitute or temporary employees who work for other employers in addition to the district may not claim paid sick leave from those other employers for the same work days that they utilize district-paid sick leave. Should the District become informed that a substitute or temporary employee has done so, the district will immediately terminate employment and remove the individual from the eligible substitute or temporary rosters and deny further district assignments.

A substitute or temporary employee will be compensated for paid time off at the same rate he/she would have been paid had he/she worked in the substitute or temporary assignment. The substitute or temporary employee shall provide reasonable advance notification. If the need is unforeseeable, the employee shall provide notice as soon as practicable.

The district will follow established payroll cutoff dates in determining the next pay date the paid sick leave will be paid out.

Upon termination, resignation, or other separation from the district, any accrued, unused paid sick days will not be compensated. If a substitute or temporary employee is rehired in the Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District within one year of the date of separation, the previously accrued unused paid sick days shall be reinstated.

Upon written request from a substitute or temporary employee, the Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District shall provide paid sick days, as outlined above, for the following purposes:

1. Diagnosis, care, or treatment of an existing health condition, or preventative care for an employee or an employee's family member. (A family member is defined as a child - biological, adopted, foster, step, legal ward, or a child to whom the employee stands in loco parentis - regardless of age or dependency status; a parent - biological, adoptive, foster, in loco parentis, step or legal guardian/ward; or a parent who stood in loco parentis when employee was a minor; a spouse; a registered domestic partner; a grandparent; a grandchild, or a sibling.)

2. An employee who is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

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approved: February 21, 2012 Kingsburg, California

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