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Chapter 3 Department of General Services Subchapter 4 Office of Public School Construction Group 1 State Allocation Board Subgroup 5.5 Regulations Relating to the Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998: (School Facility Program)Article 4. Determining Existing School Building Capacity Adjustments to Gross Classroom Inventory   

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After the gross classroom inventory has been prepared pursuant to Section 1859.31, it will be reduced by the following. Any classrooms:

(a) abandoned and approved for replacement as a hardship under the provisions of the LPP;

(b) at a school operated on a year-round schedule that has been used continuously for at least 50 percent of the time for preschool programs in the five years preceding the receipt of the application for determination of eligibility;

(c) included in any new construction LPP project that has not received a Phase C apportionment;

(d) that is portable and owned or leased by the district for 20 years or more that was approved for abandonment in a LPP project and the plans for the project had DSA approval prior to November 4, 1998;

(e) that is a trailer and is transported/towed on its own wheels and axles;

(f) used exclusively for regional occupational centers, regional occupational programs, child care, preschool and/or Adult Education Programs, and was built or acquired with funds specifically available for those purposes;

(g) of less than 700 interior square feet;

(h) originally built for instructional use, but converted to one of the following:

(1) used continuously for school administration for at least five years prior to the submittal of the application to the OPSC for determination of eligibility.

(2) used continuously for central or main district administration for at least five years prior to the submittal of the application to the OPSC for determination of eligibility.

(3) used for school library purposes during the previous school year.

(i) owned but leased to another district.

(j) any portable classroom excluded by Education Code Section 17071.30.

(k) that is permanent space and leased for less than five years.

(l) any permanent classroom contained in a project for which the construction contract was signed between August 27, 1998 and November 18, 1998 and for which the district did not have full project eligibility under the LPP.

(m) that was acquired with joint-use funds specifically available for that purpose.

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(Amended by Register 2003, No. 51)