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Fees for Development Projects   

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(a) A city or county which imposes an assessment, fee, or charge, other than a tax, for transportation purposes may, by ordinance, prescribe conditions and procedures allowing real property which is needed by the city or county for local transportation purposes, or by the state for transportation projects which will not receive any federal funds, to be donated by the obligor in satisfaction or partial satisfaction of the assessment, fee, or charge.

(b) To facilitate the implementation of subdivision (a), the Department of Transportation shall do all of the following:

(1) Give priority to the refinement, modification, and enhancement of procedures and policies dealing with right-of-way donations in order to encourage and facilitate those donations.

(2) Reduce or simplify paperwork requirements involving right-of-way procurement.

(3) Increase communication and education efforts as a means to solicit and encourage voluntary right-of-way donations.

(4) Enhance communication and coordination with local public entities through agreements of understanding that address state acceptance of right-of-way donations.

(Added by Stats. 1989, Ch. 857, Sec. 2.)