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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29 |    520.411, 0520.0411  

Does a certificate authorizing payment of subminimum wages to messengers and/or learners remain in effect during the renewal process?   

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(a) Application for renewal of a messenger and/or learner certificate shall be made on the same form as described in this section and employees shall be advised of such renewal application in the same manner as explained in Sec. 520.405. No effective messenger and/or learner certificate shall expire until action on an application for renewal shall have been finally determined, provided that such application has been properly executed in accordance with the requirements, and filed with and received by the Administrator not less than fifteen nor more than thirty days prior to the expiration date. A final determination means either the granting of or initial denial of the application for renewal of a messenger and/or learner certificate, or withdrawal of the application. A "properly executed application" is one which contains the complete information required on the form, and the required certification by the applicant.

(b) A renewal certificate will not be issued unless there is a clear showing that the conditions set forth in section 520.404 of this part still prevail.