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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29 |    520.412, 0520.0412  

What records, in addition to those required by Part 516 of this chapter and section 520.203 of this part, must I keep relating to the employment of me   

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(a) Each worker employed as a messenger, learner, or apprentice under a certificate shall be designated as such on the employer's payroll records. All such messengers, learners, or apprentices shall be listed together as a separate group on the payroll records, with each messenger's, learner's, or apprentice's occupation being shown.

(b) At the time learners are hired, the employer shall also obtain and keep in his/her records a statement signed by each employee showing all applicable experience which the learner had in the employer's industry, including vocational training, during the preceding three years. The statement shall contain the dates of such previous employment, names and addresses of employers, the occupation or occupations in which the learner was engaged and the types of products upon which the learner worked. The statement shall also contain information concerning pertinent training in vocational training schools or similar training facilities, including the dates of such training and the identity of the vocational school or training facility. If the learner has had no applicable experience or pertinent training, a statement to that effect signed by the learner shall likewise be kept in the employer's records.

(c) The employer shall maintain a file of all evidence and records, including any correspondence, pertaining to the filing or cancellation of job orders placed with the local State or Territorial Public Employment Service Office pertaining to job orders for occupations to be performed by learners.

(d) Every employer who employs apprentices under temporary or special certificates shall preserve for three years from the last effective date of the certificate copies of the apprenticeship program, apprenticeship agreement and special certificate under which such an apprentice is employed.

(e) Every apprenticeship committee which holds a certificate under this part shall keep the following records for each apprentice under its control and supervision: (1) The apprenticeship program, apprenticeship agreement and special certificate under which the apprentice is employed by an employer;

(2) The cumulative amount of work experience gained by the apprentice, in order to establish the proper wage at the time of his/her assignment to an employer; and (3) A list of the employers to whom the apprentice was assigned and the period of time he/she worked for each employer.

(f) The records required in this section, including a copy of the application(s) submitted and any special certificate(s) issued, shall be kept and made available for inspection for at least three years from the expiration date of the certificate(s).