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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29 |    520.404, 0520.0404  

What must I demonstrate in my application for a messenger, learner, or apprentice certificate to receive a favorable review?   

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(a) The application must demonstrate that a certificate is necessary in order to prevent the curtailment of opportunities for employment.

(b) The issuance of a messenger and/or learner certificate must not tend to create unfair competitive labor cost advantages nor have the effect of impairing or depressing wage rates or working standards of experienced workers performing work of a like or comparable character in the industry.

(c) Abnormal labor conditions such as a strike, lock-out, or other similar condition, must not exist at the plant or establishment for which a messenger and/or learner certificate is requested.

(d) It must be shown that an adequate supply of qualified experienced workers is not available for employment in those occupations for which authorization to pay subminimum wages to learners has been requested; that the experienced workers presently employed in the plant or establishment in occupations in which learners are requested are afforded an opportunity, to the fullest extent possible, for full-time employment upon completion of the learning period; and that learners are available for employment.

(e) Reasonable efforts must have been made to recruit workers paid at least the minimum wage in those occupations in which certificates to employ learners at subminimum wages have been requested. This includes the placement of an order with the local State or Territorial Public Employment Service Office (except in possessions where there is no such office) not more than fifteen days prior to the date of application. Written evidence from such office that the order has been placed shall be submitted by the employer with the application.

(f) The occupation or occupations in which learners are to receive training must involve a sufficient degree of skill to necessitate an appreciable learning period.

(g) An apprenticeship program must conform with or substantially conform with the standards of apprenticeship as defined in subpart C of this part.

(h) There must be no serious outstanding violations involving the employee(s) for whom a certificate is being requested nor any serious outstanding violations of a certificate previously issued, nor any serious violations of the FLSA which provide reasonable grounds to conclude that the terms of a certificate may not be complied with, if issued.