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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29 |    516.17, 0516.0017  

Seamen exempt from overtime pay requirements pursuant to section 13(b)(6) of the Act.   

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With respect to each employee employed as a seaman and exempt from the overtime pay requirements of the Act pursuant to section 13(b)(6), the employer shall maintain and preserve payroll or other records, containing all the information required by Sec. 516.2(a) except paragraphs (a) (5) through (9) and, in addition, the following:

(a) Basis on which wages are paid (such as the dollar amount paid per hour, per day, per month, etc.)

(b) Hours worked each workday and total hours worked each pay period (for purposes of this section, a "workday" shall be any fixed period of 24 consecutive hours; the "pay period" shall be the period covered by the wage payment, as provided in section 6(a)(4) of the Act),

(c) Total straight-time earnings or wages for each such pay period, and

(d) The name, type, and documentation, registry number, or other identification of the vessel or vessels upon which employed.