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Interdistrict Attendance   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that students who reside in one district may choose to attend school in another district and that such choices are made for a variety of reasons. The Board wishes to communicate with parents/guardians and students regarding the educational services and programs that are available.

The Board recognizes that the District may be capable of serving students in addition to those residing in the district. Therefore, the Superintendent or designee may approve interdistrict attendance agreements with other districts.

Applications for Interdistrict Transfer Agreements will be taken on an on-going basis off the wait list with classes being filled as necessary, according to grade level, based on the following priorities:

Students currently attending Happy Valley School.

Siblings of inter-district transfer students currently attending Happy Valley School.

If decisions must be made within these categories then seniority will be the basis. Seniority will be defined as the earliest date found on the waiting list, Interdistrict Transfer Agreement, date of entry or sibling's seniority date.

Agreements will be granted to students having completed one semester at Happy Valley School as a resident who moves outside the district for the remainder of the school year, unless the student has behavior, attendance or non-compliance issues. Then they will be subject to all other agreement guidelines using the date of entry to school as their seniority date. Once a student leaves Happy Valley School who has a current inter-district transfer, the agreement becomes null and void and there is no priority for return.

Interdistrict Transfer Requests and Agreements shall expire at the end of each school year, and must be resubmitted each year in order to be considered. Failure to submit a new Interdistrict Transfer Request shall result in the removal of the student from the next school year roster.

Interdistrict Transfer Agreements must be approved by the Board of Trustees in order to be effective by the June Board Meeting.

The parent/guardian of a student who is denied an Interdistrict Transfer Request pursuant to Education Code Section 46600-46611 shall receive timely written notice regarding their right to appeal the denial to the County Board of Education. This notice shall be provided by the district denying the request, or, in the absence of an agreement between the districts, by the district of residence.

Students who are under consideration for expulsion or who have been expelled may not appeal interdistrict attendance denials or decisions while expulsion proceedings are pending, or during the term of the expulsion.

The Superintendent may revoke at any time during the school year an Interdistrict attendance agreement for any of the following reasons:

1. Overcrowded conditions as determined by Board Policy class sizes.

2. Negative impact on other students and /or the educational program, e.g., discipline problems, failing to maintain a 2.0 GPA, behavior issues, or truancy/attendance/tardy problems.

3. Misinformation or omission of pertinent educational or discipline data, and/or falsification of residency or other pertinent documents.


adopted: October 21, 2015 Santa Cruz, California